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  • Low Testosterone ?

    For about 3 1/2 weeks now, I've been feeling very run down, weak,dizzy spells, hot flashes, body aches and low libido. I haven't had too many emotional symptoms, but the physical ones have knocked me on my ass. There doesn't seem to be any relief, no matter how much I sleep, it's not enough. I've tried extra exercise, extra rest,different foods, nothing works.
    I was really worried that my cancer had come back somewhere else. I went to my observation appointment and discussed all of this with my Oncologist and he seems to think my testosterone levels may be low. I use testim now, but he thinks it may not be enough. Also, I recently had a fertility test done, because we're trying to start and family, and that came back zero.
    So they're checking all kinds of things. Thyroids, B12(due to my new vegetarian diet)levels,some other brain thing I didn't quite understand and testosterone levels. The Oncologist seems to be leaning towards the testosterone and thinks I may need shots instead of the gel. He also thinks it may solve the fertility problem.

    It's amazing how such a small thing like a hormone or a testicle can make such a big difference.
    I'll post more as I know more.....And I hope this may help some other guy in the future, because this is a truly horrible way to feel and no way to go through life.

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    Low Energy, Body Aches All Over in Deep Body Tissues

    My partner, too, feels very run down, witih body aches. All blood, heart and lung tests came back negative. He is trying acupuncture, heating pad, epsom salt baths. Did you try a different drug? Did it work? Thanks!



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      A few things in your post concern me a little with respect to your oncologist's knowledge of hormone replacement therapy. The fact is that testosterone replacement therapy will suppress sperm production, something any doctor prescribing Testim or AndroGel or other TRT should know. You should consider seeing an endocrinologist who has experience treating hypogonadism and who will most likely want to run a complete panel including LH, FSH, prolactin, total testosterone, free testosterone, DHT, estradiol, and SHBG. Your symptoms could result from any one of several causes (e.g. low overall free testosterone levels, elevated estradiol, just to name two). If you're looking to have a family, exogenous testosterone therapy will suppress fertility and your only avenue may be treatment with HCG. But above all, you won't get proper diagnosis and treatment unless you see an experienced endocrinologist who has successfully treated men like you.
      TC1: 1996, right orchiectomy, seminoma stage I 3.5 cm mass, radiation therapy (peri-aortic & pelvic 27.3 Gy)
      TC2: 2008, left orchiectomy, seminoma stage IA 5 cm mass, left & right prostheses, AndroGel TRT, surveillance at MSKCC


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        Hey Pete,

        Have you carried out a self exam of your testicle? Before my second TC I had been getting progressively tired, lacking motivation, low libido, aches (Not dizziness or hot flushes) testicle size had also reduced.

        From a self exam I identified a lump and well the rest is history. In my case I was just coming up for a review with my Urologist and all my blood markers were “normal” for me and there was nothing on the CT or Xray. I believe that the TC had also knocked my testosterone down even though they were considered to be with in normal range but a little low for my age.

        Just be aware of this and keep an eye or hand on things with self exams, or your mind could be put at rest with a u/sound exam. Please remember though that TC2 if fairly ‘rare’ so its more likely to be just low Testosterone.

        The few months that I have been on Testosterone replacement have been great, a magical difference was seen for me well within 2 weeks of its commencement.
        TC1: May 2001 / Right orchiectomy / seminoma stage 1 / Radiation
        TC2: July 2008 / Left orchiectomy / seminoma stage 1 / X2 Prostheses / Reandron (long term Testosterone injections)