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  • nickohs
    Testosterone levels and treatment

    Hi Gorilla,

    I think I can help here.

    400 mg of Enanthate will ensure overdose levels are achieved in any man. Injections cause a "peak and trough" effect, leaving the patient at excess Testosterone levels for a lot of the injection's duration. An injection of 200 mg, will achieve overdose for most men at some stage in the cycle.
    The risk in that, according to doctors is aggression. Thus the desire to lower your dose and extend the frequency.

    However, the real risk is in the production of Estrogen, which in itself will cause a return of symptoms. This is a slow developing problem, but when it hits, it is as bad as being low in Testosterone.
    I would have my Estradiol checked, if I'd been on a high dose of Enanthate.

    Now as to the frequency.
    The half-life of Enanthate is two weeks. Doctors know this, however, believe we can deal with the effects in the third week. This is what I was told by an Endocrinologist in Canada as I argued to get my frequency reduced to two weeks. I was on a loser until I asked hiim if he'd make the same decision if it were his health we were discussing.

    I switched to a daily gel a few years back, purely because I knew I would never achieve a consistent state of health, (physical and mental), if my body was being subjected to peaks and troughs every couple of weeks. We, as men, function best on a steady Testosterone level. That's our natural state.

    I find I can dose accurately, using LH and FSH as my guides. I am lucky enough to have a normally functioning Pituitary gland, so can rely on the results of those tests in order to determine the correct daily dose for me.
    It's a hassle, but after fourteen years on implants and shots, I have to say I am happier on my gel than anything else to date.

    I hope it helps,


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  • Gorilla
    started a topic Testosterone Information Resources

    Testosterone Information Resources

    I read Scott's posting and the linked article, and wanted to give some feedback to it. I found it was ok, but had some misguided information on the linked material. Testosterone levels for all men range at different levels. It depends on age, health, weight, physical activity, diet, etc.. However, I can tell you from my on personal story that a normal range for most males is 400-600 nanograms. I'm lucky to have some of the best Urologists and Fertility Doctors in my area. Also, the fact that the doctors I've saw and continue seeing have treated Lance Armstrong. The point is that they are considered at the top of their field in TC and the symptoms after the fact. I learned that I had a testosterone level of 220 a few months ago.

    My background is I had benign TC in 2000, left one, at age 27, and was treated with radiation. 2004 started trying to have a kid, but nothing was happening. Visited Fertility doctor, found out that I had a problem with right testicle, due to zero sperm count. My Urologist performed a testicle biopsy to determine if producing sperm was producing. Went back to fertility and learned of very low testosterone level. He asked me to see Urologist that was the best in the world "per him" on my issue, in Houston. Fertility doctor felt I had a blockage from radiation causing scar tissue to not allow sperm flow through my pipes. Had surgery, blockage was repaired. I have not been tested since on sperm count, due to wanting to get my testosterone level addressed.

    So, back to my testosterone knowledge... I went to my primary doctor and told him about my low testosterone. He tested me, blood test, came back at 245. We talked for a while and I had told him about my symptoms and that it all related to low testosterone. Symptoms: Moody, irritable, no energy, gaining more fat and not muscle, not losing fat like I use to with diet and exercise, loss of drive and libido, lazy, lethargic, muscle and joint aches, stiffness, depression, no focus, you get the picture. These symptoms started happening after my TC surgery, but not to the point where I felt this was the issue until 4 years later. Testosterone can cause a lot of problems for men, and they can be the same or different for each person. My doctor gave me a different shot every two weeks and tested me to watch my testosterone level. It took six weeks to find what worked for me. I felt the best when I received 400mg Depo Testosterone Enanthate. After six weeks my testosterone level was at 740. All my symptoms went away and I finally felt like my old self. However, he wanted to go three weeks, instead of two weeks. The last shot I got was 300mg (not sure why he lowered the amount), and since then my symptoms are all back. Obviously, the change in mg and extra week is not working for my body. I will be seeing him again this coming Tuesday, and will get back on 400mg at least.

    Here's a great link for those that want to know more about Testosterone levels. I can tell you from experience don't be shy or intimidated by asking for a testosterone blood test if you feel the symptoms I've had, or what the article says. It's you life and health that are more important than what people think. It can be very serious if you have really low levels like me. Low Testosterone can lead to many health issues, including some serious diseases.