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Self Injections are a pain in the ***!

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  • Self Injections are a pain in the ***!

    Ok, here's the story.

    After seeing the doctor a fortnight ago, they've come to the conculsion that i'll be needing testosterone replacement for the rest of my life.

    Now, I've got no problem with injections, I don't mind them at all. The only thing that's beginning to tick me off is getting all the testosterone out of the vial through the needle!

    I always seem to have a bit left over in there.

    For instance, with my first injection, I only injected .5ml and wasted the other half.

    My second wasn't as bad, but i'm still not sucking up all the juice.

    Is there anyone else who's had this problem? Please let me know.

    I've been to but they're very straight forward with their information and not at all descriptive.

    Thanks guys.
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    Hi GC

    Just done my first injection in my own home today, but I have been self-injecting for about four months now. Previously I was doing it in the nurses room at the docs so they just kept an eye on to make sure I get everything right and ive managed that way for a while until recently when they changed the frequency of the days, before every Friday (7 days) now every 10 days.
    I don’t know if you were shown how you do it but I have an elephant needle, just a big one, to draw it up and then a wee one to inject. The syringe size is 2ml that seems to make it easier to draw up and inject than a 1ml one.
    The needle I use for drawing up is coded pink here, don’t know if they have the same coding there. I haven’t got any in the house at the minute as they had run out so im using a green one to draw up (0.8mm x 40mm). I find if I hold it above my head I can see the needle in the bottom of the vial better then just draw it up. The one I have for injecting is 0.6mm x 25mm, takes about 30 seconds to go in as its so thick, the testosterone not the needle.

    I did try using a 1ml syringe once but it was a nightmare. If that’s what size you're using then try a bigger one.

    Let me know if it was any help, but also see if the nurses will give you some training on how to do it, mine were brilliant.

    Just while I remember the pink needle didn’t have a point on it, just flat at the end I think that’s why it’s so easy