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Still not sure where i stand!

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  • Still not sure where i stand!

    Hi everyone, i had my left testical removed on monday and am still unsure as to where i stand. The surgeon said that when they examined my testicle in theatre etc, they took the decision to remove it because it was "high risk" that it could be cancer. This i fully understood as it would be a gamble to put it back in. So i was ok with that.

    But i wish i could have been told there and then what is was. But realise that it involves a lot of tests , so i am still left in a state of limbo, is it or isnt it? etc.

    They said that ( i hope i get this right ) the "histologist" would examine my testicle to confirm if there definately was cancer there and the results would come back in another couple of weeks.

    I was also told that i was to go for a CT Scan in about 3 weeks in case it has gone into my lymph nodes at the back of my stomach and hopefully not further.

    I know this all sounds abit unsure at the moment. But although i am a little bit worried about future results i am quite positive about it.

    I also wanted to ask. In about 2 months from now the doctor wants me to discuss with him wether or not i wish to have a false testicle put in its place or not?. Has anyone had this done? has anyone simply not bothered when given the choice, that perhaps they feel, well, what's the point? or for those that have had it done , do they feel comfortable with it and could it possibly cause any side effects?

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    My opinion : you don't need a testicle implant ! It's only a source of concern and complications. Your sexual life will be normal and no girl will observe that you have only one testicle[from my experience]. Please read the local related articles about all the problems regard the testicle implant [it will never be like the natural one-it's more hard and causes pain]
    Now it's your choice

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      I didn't have an implant placed and to be honest with you, I'm more comfortable with it gone. My fiance hardly misses it and it hasn't affected my plumbing or performance. I'm curious to know if you had blood work done prior to the orchiectomy. Do you know what your AFP and HCG levels were?
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        Thanks for you advice lads. Adrian- i will read up on it a bit more but i think i have already made my decision to not bother with a false one.

        Molars- As above i probably wont bother as it would be another operation i dont want and also if i thought the chances that it could cause a wee bit of pain , i dont realy see much point. Im sure it isnt going to end my relationship with my wife . Funny enough my brother in law confessed to me that he only had one testcle as he had to have his removed when he was 14, and he said you dont even hardly notice it , plus he has got 2 very healthy daughters.

        Refering to your question on testing my blood etc. They did take some blood to test , but didnt give any information about this. Probably they are gathering all the information together including the test on my removed testicle to confirm cancer.

        Unfortunately i am very much in the dark about everything at the moment concerning this subject, as it has all come out of the blue and is a learning process for me. But i will note down what you said , i will read up on it and ask my Doctor in future.

        Thankyou both for your advice.



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          Sean, I hope you're also reading up at the Testicular Cancer Resource Center. Be sure to ask for a copy of your pathology report and blood test results. Knowledge is power.
          Scott, [email protected]
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            Thanks Scott ; will do.


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              Any news Sean?
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