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Would surveillance be an option?

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  • Would surveillance be an option?

    I got my CT scan done on tuesday and everything came back negitive. Also my blood test markers came back down to 100% normal. One thing that bothers the doctor is my lymph node is enlared right where they did the surgery (the cut) to remove my right testicle. The lymph node was 2.XX cm big. The doctor said this was not normal that the lymph node was not even supposed to be there. Is this something to be concerned about? Would I be able to go on surveillance? And if I choose surveillance what is the schedule for that?
    Thanks in advance
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    I wouldn't worry about a lymph node being out of position, what is troublesome is the fact that it is enlarged. Surveillance is something you will need to discuss with your doctor. The attached link will take you to a site with a surveillance schedule
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      My urologist initially told me after my orchiectomy that my cat scan showed two slightly enlarged lymph nodes on left side of my body - my right testicle was removed. One measure 1.2cm and the other 1.5cm - not enlarged by much. He thought that the oncologist wouldr recommend surveillance (which he did) because sometimes after surgery lymph nodes will enlarge to fight infection. However about a month and a half later my AFP jumped from normal to 63. Chemo was next and I will be finishing 4 X EP this FRIDAY! Thing is, even though my AFP jumped, a cat scan indicated that the lymph nodes did not grow what so ever. It is strange but so is cancer and why we get it. I know my BHCG was under 2 only after the second cycle of chemo and the AFP was normal as well. I hope to god that this will take care of it.

      So moral of my story for you is that its possible that if your BHCG and AFP comes back normal - then you should expect surveillance. If your numbers begin to climb, then chemo I believe would be the next thing. But keep a good attitude - either way you are going to be fine. I know this experience has brought things into perspective for myself and it will you too.
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