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  • AdrianB1971
    I also bealive there are nothing worry about. Anyway, keep a close eye on CAT scan and tumor markers evolution

    All the best

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  • danebert
    Don't worry. There is a good chance these were caused by the bleomycin. This is common and if there is no change there is no reason to worry. Tumors don't just stop growing. Especially TC which has a tumor doubling time of 2-3 weeks.

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  • Ray
    started a topic Unsure all of the time

    Unsure all of the time

    Hello, all it has been a while since I have posted.

    I was diagnosed in Jun 2004 with TC, IO June 2004 100 % EC. 4 X BEP concluding in Oct 2004. at the time 36 yrs old.

    Blood markers were not really highly elevated when diagnosed AFP5.9, LD 512 BHCG <5
    they all returned to normal after treatment and have stayed that way. Last test 20 Dec 05 BHCG <5 AFP 2.2 LD 167.

    I have been on Surv since then and all appears to be holding good.

    On my last report the following IMPRESSIONS were given from the CT scan, I dont know what they mean.

    "mulitle tiny right sided pulmonary nodules, unchanged since the examination of Jun 2005. these may represent non-calcified granulomate, visceral lymph nodes (especiall those located in the region of the fissure) or metastatic disease. Follow up is recommended.

    I guess there are 5 small nodules in my right lung in the lower and middle lobe, they were present on previous exams and are unchanged ( this is good I assume) I can feel a Weezing in my right lung, when I breath heavy.

    When diagnosed thes findings were as follows: left testicle & spermatic cord. Embroynal Carcinoma, invading spermatic cord with involvment in the cord resection, vascular invasion present. I believe there were 4-5 node enlarged the biggest was 3.5 cm.

    Just wondering about reoccurance chances of?
    what these nodules in my lungs could now be after previous scans stated lungs were clear


    Ray Wouters