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  • Don
    Best of luck with your tests tommorrow Eric!!!!!

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  • Jens
    Hi Eric.

    All the best of luck.
    You will be fine!

    Many has postet percentages already, but as you can se in this paper, there is a more than 99% cure rate in cases like yours!
    "Nevertheless, the cure rate in CS I seminoma patients is almost 100% and can be achieved with three strategies: adjuvant radiation treatment,
    surveillance strategy with administration of irradiation or chemotherapy
    in case of relapse
    , or adjuvant chemotherapy with single-agent carboplatin."
    Elsewhere in the paper the "almost 100%" is spelled out as >99%.

    Still it's OK to freak out - just know that the statistics are so much with you on this.

    Best wishes

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  • jdunn
    Best of luck to you always. I know the waiting is so hard but you will be fine.
    Take a deep breath and try to relax.
    Take care!!!

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  • Mom
    Eric, of course, we wish you good luck and continued good health. We know what you are going through. My son will be having his CT scan tomorrow, one year past chemo. We are 99% confident that he will be fine, but we always worry about that 1%. Hang in there. Dianne

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  • AdrianB1971
    Relapse after RT stage I seminoma ?? hmm...You are not the lucky one. Anyway, because you are not treated befeore with chemo, after 4xBEP you are almost 80->95% cured.

    All the best and post here the test results.

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  • kmom49
    You DEFINITELY are wished the very best with your tests. Sounds good and that's wonderful, but there's nothing like hearing the "words" that all is clear. Best of luck!

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  • Eric
    started a topic post chemo scan

    post chemo scan

    I everybody

    I have my post chemo scan tomorrow.
    My doc says that with a seminoma my chances are more than 90%
    to have a clean result (after 4x BEP).

    Please wish me good luck everybody

    Thank you