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    on yahoo news,just read that in a study of testicular cells in mice,that german scientists discovered the cells can act like embryonic stem cells.which of course,could become any cell.they are still studying whether adult men have the possibility of harvesting there own cells to grow tissue.the cells they used were embryonic mouse testicle,which showed the results...also...i went to sloan yesterday,and my buddy was told to give bms-247550 a try.some other drugs mentioned were irenotecan,and avastin as some people said.found out the exact percentages of the mixed cell tumor,and they were as follows-70% yolk sac,20% teratoma,10% seminoma,and less then 1% embroyonal carcinoma.i thought the EC and yolk sac percentages were vice versa.his afp levels are high but the tumor is secreting more HCG.blood was drawn and we will have the results soon,x rays too.