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Does chemo have a life threatening side effect?

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  • Does chemo have a life threatening side effect?

    Ok i was just thinking back about one time when i remember my dad telling me how someone in our family relations died from a flu after chemo! Im quite sure he told me this a couple of years ago (when they guy died). Im not going to ask my dad now coz he'll probably lie to me, now that i have cancer. So i thought ill ask everyone here.

    I can kind of remember my dad going how his body or immune system (i think he said that) couldnt fight the flu, so it got serious and he died. He didnt actually die from cancer!

    Is this possible?

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    In the same vein, my troubles last summer were from post-surgery side effects, not from cancer. I ended up in the emergency room in septic shock and with dangerously low blood pressure.

    It's important to stay in close touch with your caregivers and not hesitate to ask questions.
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      Hi Adrian.

      It's my understanding and experience that the immunesystem returns to normal functioning after a relatively short while. I havn't even had a cold this winter, let alone a flu. So I wouldn't worry to much about that in the long run.
      But during chemo an infection needs close attention. I actually had an extra trip to the hospital, a week after my final bleo. It cleared up quickly but the fewer was pretty high for a short while.

      Best wishes
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