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Protein in urine

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  • Scott
    Dek, what are your AFP and hCG levels?

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  • dadmo
    The afp is a protein carried in the blood. It's likely that that's causing the elevated protein in your urine.

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  • Dek
    started a topic Protein in urine

    Protein in urine

    Ok i got my tests and found out my afp and hcg are quite elevated and that the lump in my testicle could actually be a tumor. Im scheduled for another ultrasound, so hopefully it spots the tumor this time.

    I also got told my urine test result and the Doctor was like there is Protein in my urine and told me to take another urine test, just to make sure.

    What does that mean? Did any of you have protein in your urine when diagnosed with TC?

    Im a bit worried that i got another problem with me, on top of TC. Is protein in urine is linked with Testicular cancer? Id be even more confused if it isnt. I dont want two illnesses!

    Cheers, Darren
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