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Re-occurance after chemo

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  • Re-occurance after chemo

    I was told by my oncologist,that the chance of re-occurance after my treatment of 3 x BEP is about 5 %.

    Wondering if any of you chemo veteran's out there have heard the same,or something different.

    Thanks !
    Dec/04-Right I/O-nonseminoma (95%E/C),Stage 1, surveillance
    Nov/05- 2.2 cm lymph node= Stage II A
    Nov/05 -Jan/06-3 x BEP
    Jan/06 -Surveillance


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    Same boat

    mikeygti, Looks like we are about the same as far as age, treatment, and outcome goes. I am 47, finish chemo Nov11th, 2005. I asked my onc. The question about recurrence, and he stated that it is between 4-6% (his guess). I guess if I were a gambler I would love those odds, but when it comes to Cancer it is just plain scary. Worry's are overwhelming sometimes, but we all know how that feels. I am trying to do my best to increase the odds to my favor, by diet, excersise,and stop smoking (the last is not easy). I try to look at it as a blessing sometimes, as it has opened my eyes to a new outlook on life in general.
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    Diagnosed 7/5/05, Rt. I/O 7/29/05, Nonseminoma Stage IIa, Started 3XBEP 9/06/05 changed to 4XEP due to reaction from Bleomycin. Currently surveillance.


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      If you are talking about recurrence in the other testicle, my oncologist says it's 1-3% for chemo, and 5% for radiation. She had a published paper to back up these numbers, but I believe they only apply to seminoma patients.

      If you are talking about recurrence in general anywhere, I think it's highly dependent upon the stage when initially treated, as well as the mode of treatment (ie, 3xBEP, 4xEP or 4xBEP) and the makeup of the primary tumor.



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        In Good Risk disease treated with BEP, there is 3-5% chance of reoccurence. If you are good risk, and had less than 1000 IU HCG, your chance of relapse is 2 %.


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          whats are the chances if...

          you had 65% non seminoma / 35% seminoma with vascular invasion all on left side
          rplnd which found only one involved lymph node at 1cm but then small deposits in the spermatic cord involving the vein
          3 x BEP
          no tumour markers from day one

          actually can anyone tell me the significance of zero tumour markers and spermatic cord invlovement as they raraely come up in studies?


          : b


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            As close to 0% as possible


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              My doctor estimated a 5% chance of recurrence after 4X EP.
              Left I/O 5/9/05, 100% Embryonal Call Carcinoma, Stage IIIa, Laparoscopic RPLND 7/19/05, 4X EP 9/05-11/05


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                Sooo.....looks like us "weed-killer" veterans have an upwards of 95% chance that we're cured ! Gotta like those odds !

                Best Wishes
                Dec/04-Right I/O-nonseminoma (95%E/C),Stage 1, surveillance
                Nov/05- 2.2 cm lymph node= Stage II A
                Nov/05 -Jan/06-3 x BEP
                Jan/06 -Surveillance



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                  From what I have read see attached written by my doc...

                  this confirms the 5% relapse rate for good risk patients...

                  but remember that this is the good risk pool...and you will see in the chart what the good risk pool is...and you can also guess that if your b-hcg is 999 or your b-hcg is 6 you are both in the good risk pool...but arguably you may have a better/lower relapse rate with a lower bhcg...also good risk is nothing in lungs...just retro. or testicular primary tumor...but 1 tumor and 4 tumors in retro would both be considered be good risk...but again the 1 small tumor person may be better off...
                  - lump first noticed 11/20/2005
                  - I/O right Dec 8, 2005
                  - 95% embryonal / 5% seminoma
                  - normal markers PRE surgery
                  - no vascular invasion, tunica free of cancer, epididymis free of cancer, lungs free, lymph free
                  - Stage I diagnosis
                  - surveillance
                  - mid feb '06, beta hcg slightly elevated = 4.6...small enlarged lower node seen on CT scan...
                  - 3BEP began feb 20, 2006
                  - finished 3 BEP, last bleo, april 17, 2006
                  - CT scan, blood markers, chest..all clear
                  - back on surveillance


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                    It's my understanding that you are still good risk with metastasis in the lungs if your markers are low and there are no nonpulmonary metastases