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Im clear but got neutropenia

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  • Im clear but got neutropenia

    Ok this has been a tough road but im through it. I went through 2xbep, 4xtip and THEN high dose chemo with SCT.

    Its been two months since the high dose and my tumor markers have been good.

    Well now that im clear, im looking into getting a prosthetic implant. At the time i decided against it, as having any problems with my implant would be something i did not need on top of the horror i was going through.

    So now ive decided i want one, but my ANC count is at a low 1300 (which aint good). I know that with a low ANC count like this, infection is quite likely. And you just never know what could happen if i get an infection. It could become life threatening.

    I was thinking has anyone got any idea, if the ANC count goes higher by time? I know i got neutropenia at the moment but will my ANC count go up month by month. Does going through High Dose leave my ANC count doomed?

    I forgot to ask my doctor this in my consultation, so i hope any of you got any idea.


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    I have nothing to say about your current problem with neutropenia. I'm just admire you regarding your way trough all this.
    Seminoma I. stage ,May 2004,Si Deus pro nobis quis contra nos