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Seminoma and Tumor markers

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  • Scott
    hCG is elevated in about 10% of pure seminoma cases, and LDH -- which is not specific to cancer -- may be, as well. Tumor markers are just one clue, though. Chest x-rays and abdominal CT scans provide more information.

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  • AaronK
    started a topic Seminoma and Tumor markers

    Seminoma and Tumor markers

    I was thinking how can Doctors determine when someone with seminoma type tumor are clear from TC. Ive read how ACG and HCG are elevated when you got non seminona.

    So say a patient is a Stage III seminoma case and being treated with chemo. How can they get the idea that this guy is clear as from what i hear your markers arent elevated with seminoma.

    Am i missing something?

    Thanks, Aaron
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