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    Hey i found out that i will be having a chest x ray instead of CT scan. Im wondering if a Chest X ray would be good enough to find any signs of metasasis.

    I pushed my urologist for a CT scan but he denied it and said a X-ray will be enough.

    Would an X-Ray be enough? I would of preferred a CT scan to be honest.

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    A chest x-ray should be fine. It's part of the standard follow-up routine.
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      In my case the XRAys was CLEAR but the CAT scan has revealed few pulmonary metastasis with diam <= 1cm. Based on CAT results I started imediately 3 x BEP and the nodules have dissapeared.

      Good luck
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        With the lungs, CTs are generally considered almost too-high resolution. I've read that if everyone in the U.S. had a CT of their lungs, one-third would show some sort of abnormality, the vast majority of which would turn out to be nothing.

        In general, a X-ray is standard TC surveillance, with the CT reserved if it reveals something unusual. For example, my last X-ray showed that my left pulmonary artery was more "prominent," so I had a chest CT yesterday. It's almost surely nothing, but the doctors wanted to make sure.
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