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Anyone have RPLND at Froedtert Hospital in WI?

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  • Anyone have RPLND at Froedtert Hospital in WI?

    My husband and I met with the surgeon at Froedtert hospital today and it looks like we are going to do the RPLND. We brought copies of his records from the other doctor/hospital, but before he goes ahead with the surgery he wants to review the tumor slides and CT scan films himself first.

    Has anyone had an RPLND (or heard of anyone who has) from Froedtert Hospital in Wisconsin?

    Also, he said we should definitely bank sperm since we want to have more children. Who do I call to do that? Do I call up our normal family doctor and say "Hey, we'd like to bank sperm?" I'm a little embarassed since my husband makes me make all the phone calls. LOL
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    Hi Angela, you have to go to a special facility to bank sperm. Your husband's urologist should be able to recommend a specialist. Google sperm banking in Wisconsin and see what you come up with. Make sure the doctor who is doing the RPLND isn't getting experience on your husband. Dianne
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      If you're not comfortable talking to your husband's urologist about sperm banking, call your OB/GYN. She (or he) should either know a place or can refer you to a fertility specialist who will know.


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        Is the surgeon doing the "Nerve Sparing" RPLND?

        Like Dianne said, make sure the surgeon has many of these surgeries under his belt.. and dont be afraid to ask him that. The first urologist I saw (and who did my first surgery), really didn't have "much" experience with the RPLND, so i ended up going to a specialist who does RPLNDs on a regular basis. I felt much better about going under having him operate on me.
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          I called the surgeon who wants to do the RPLND and it turns out we can do the sperm banking right at that hospital. So that'll be nice. Not sure where they send it to after that, but that doesn't matter I guess.

          Thanks for all the advice on having me find out how many of these surgeries he's actually done. I will definitely ask that before we go ahead with the surgery. I just assumed that since he was so confident about it that he must know what he is doing. Thanks for letting me know that it's ok to question him.


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            Oh and Kev332, yes he definitely said he'd be doing the nerve sparing surgery and that there would be a 95% chance that ejaculation will be fine after the surgery. But again, I will make sure to ask how many of these he's done since this is definitely nothing we want to let to the amateurs.