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    I'm about to start my third cycle of BEP, and my fingertips are now very sensitive to the point of being sore. For example, it's actually painful if I use my fingers to open bottle tops and jars etc. Also I've developed some small lumps on my fingers.

    I've never had anything like this before. Is this a side effect of the chemotherapy?
    Diagnosed March 2006, Stage IIB, 3cm RP mass
    10% Seminoma, 90% Non-Seminoma (Embryonal, and a tiny amount of choriocarcinoma and teratoma)
    Prechemo bHCG-2648, AFP-582
    3xBEP March-June, markers normalised
    3 months postchemo - 1.2cm residual RP mass
    RPLND September 2006 - mostly necrotic tissue plus tiny amount of well differentiated teratoma
    June 2009 - TRT commenced to help out my lefty
    May 2011 - check-up, all clear

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    Hi Davie,

    Not too sure about the lumps,but the sore fingertips are a side effect of the Cisplatin. I have the same thing,along with numbness & tingling in both my fingers and toes. Oh...and throw in Raynaud's with my fingers for good luck !

    Some of the side effects suck,but a small price to pay overall.

    Best of luck with your final round ~
    Dec/04-Right I/O-nonseminoma (95%E/C),Stage 1, surveillance
    Nov/05- 2.2 cm lymph node= Stage II A
    Nov/05 -Jan/06-3 x BEP
    Jan/06 -Surveillance



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      I had what I think is something similar - Opening bottles was really really painful, and I developed lots of blisters along the bend points of fingers and a couple of my toes. They healed and disapeared pretty quickly after chemo was done, so it wont be long term. Mention to the Docs next time you see them, but unfortunatly its just ones of those things we have to cope with

      Good Luck,

      Left I/O March 05, nonseminoma;
      Relapse July 05, single lymph node 3cm;
      2 x BEP Aug / Sept 05, node grown to 4.7cm;
      2 x VeIP Sept / Oct, node grown to 6.7cm, markers normalised;
      RPLND Dec 05, no active cancer;
      back on surveillance


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        The same thing started for me at about the same time (except for the bumps ). It was hard for me to grasp things hard or twist off caps, etc. It wasn't that I was weak, it was just my fingertips hurt when I tried it. Like when you have been digging around in the ice chest too long for that soda.

        That effect lasted about 2-3 months after chemo ended. Three months out of chemo and you will be noticing significant recovery. When I was six months out, I did a 22 mile bike ride. I'm eight months out now and I have no problems twisting open tops, etc. However, my fingertips and toes have some neropothy that is slooooooooowly getting better. Read my signature below. I had four rounds of cisplatin.

        Like another poster said...small price to pay for living. You'll be amazed how you will bounce back from chemo. Amazed not by how quickly you recover, but the fact that you did recover. The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself. I wish my car was like that

        When talking to non-cancer survivors about chemo, I tell them "You've heard of platinum wedding bands, right? Well, ground one up and inject it in your vein and see how you feel."
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        Diagnosed May 2005
        Stage IIa
        Pure Embryonic Carcinoma
        One 2.0cm tumor in testicle
        One 1.0cm tumor in lymph node

        Radical orchiectomy
        Two cycles of BEP
        Two cycles of EP (the Bleo was causing lung issues)

        Pulmonary Embolism (Almost died)
        Extremely low red blood count (Required 4 blood transfusion)

        In remission since August 2005
        July 2011-tumor markers clean!

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          My husband also had neuropathy in his hands and feet. Still has it in his feet but the hands are pretty much back to normal after 6 months. He had no strength in his hands and had difficulty grasping things. Also very sensitive to cold and heat. Be careful, but it will get better eventually.