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Brian (BREwing) had RPLND today!

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  • amorgan74
    It's good to hear he's been able to come home so soon. April

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  • Mom
    Terrific!!! What a difference a week makes! Dianne

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  • Kev332
    Wow, thats great that he's home already!!! So happy to hear that things went well. Sounds like he's well on his way to recovery.

    Take Care,

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  • Chris'Mom
    So glad to hear Brian is home.....Mary Ellen

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  • DianeE
    Brian was discharged from the hospital last night around 6 pm.
    He has a mild bladder infection from the catheter, but
    everything else seems to be OK. He's slowly getting his appetite
    back, and he was walking pretty well when we were leaving
    the hospital. I hope to help out his wife as much as possible as
    she has a lot to deal with, an infant, a toddler and Brian
    She's tough as nails, but it is a lot to handle.

    Hopefully, Brian will be on within a few days and can give you all
    a first hand account of his experience.

    A very special thanks to Rusty009 who took time to pay
    a surprise visit to Brian in the hospital. It was such a nice
    gesture and was very much appreciated by Brian and his
    family. Thanks Rusty009!!

    April, we did have a very good experience with this surgery. It
    was only a week between the initial consultation with the surgeon
    and the discharge!! We're very lucky that everything ran so smoothly.

    Ryan, Brian had the BIG cut for his surgery. You could probably get info
    on the LRPLND from Scott the moderator. Good luck with it.

    Hi Mary Ellen, so nice to hear from you. Thanks for your good wishes.

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  • Chris'Mom
    Just read your post and am so glad everything went seems like chris's RPLND at Sloan was yesterday and it is almost a year....take care and keep us posted...Mary Ellen

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  • ryan296
    Laparoscopic RPLND?

    Was your sons RPLND done laparoscopically? I'm scheduled for one 5-6-06 and was trying to get an idea of how common it is for it to be done laparoscopically. Thanks.

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  • amorgan74
    Ms. Diane, Glad to hear the surgery went well. Maybe now he can get on to total healing and be better in no time. We are 10 months post chemo (Wesley's surveillance thread). If anything else happens the RPLND would be his next step so it's good to hear when TC patients have a good experience with the surgery. I hope everyone in your family is doing well and you guys get home from the hospital soon. April

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  • DianeE
    Loretta and I saw Brian today. When we got to his room,
    he was sitting in a chair. The nose tube was removed this
    morning and the catheter and epidural will be removed at
    4:00 tomorrow AM. No idea why it will be at that time!!

    After he spoke with the pain Doc, the three of us took a walk
    up and down the hallway. Brian said it felt good to walk
    and also said he was hungry, which I thought was a good
    sign. He can't have anything but ice chips until he passes
    gas, then he can have liquids. Didn't help when he saw the
    Pizza Hut commercial on TV!!! When he was in high school,
    he worked at a local Pizza Hut and remembered how he
    used to make the Pizzas!!

    We're keeping our prayers in high gear for Brian and everyone on
    this board. We have different roads to travel, but the destination
    is the same.

    Dadmo, yeah!! We live close to Dianne. We will meet for sure!!!


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  • rusty009
    Glad it went well. Speedy recovery, Brian!

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  • Scott
    I'm so glad to hear that surgery went well. May Brian recover quickly!

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  • dadmo
    Congratulations. I don't even know how to express how relieved I feel when this operation is done. Enjoy your son and I hope we can meet soon. Nancy and I have decided we would like to meet as mant tc families as possible. My only question is it for us or them. Again many hardy congratulations.
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  • DianeE
    started a topic Brian (BREwing) had RPLND today!

    Brian (BREwing) had RPLND today!

    Brian and his wife Loretta came to our house at 5 AM today
    and we got to the Hospital of University of Penna around 5:45AM.
    It is a wonderful hospital!! They cater to the waiting family members
    as much as they do to the patients.

    We were paged a couple of times during the surgery so we could
    be told when the procedure actually started and when Brian was
    being "closed up" and Dr. Malkowicz came to the waiting area around
    11:45 AM to let us know everything was great and the surgery
    went without any surprises. Dr. M said he held the lymph nodes
    in his hand and none of them appeared or felt swollen, but they
    would have to go under the microscope to see if there was any
    invasion. Loretta and I felt much better after we
    spoke with him. We had to wait about 2 1/2 hours while Brian was in
    recovery and by that time, my husband John joined us and we went
    to Brian's room. He actually looked better than we expected and
    said he had no pain from the incision, but the catheter was bothering
    him a little. A resident checked it for him and made sure there was
    no problem. Although he was very sleepy, Brian actually smiled a couple
    of times and remembered a joke I had told him on the way to the
    hospital. We got him set up with a television and phone and left him
    in the able hands of the HUP staff and ESPN.

    As you all can imagine, we are soooo relieved that the surgery is
    over and the lymph nodes don't seem to be loaded with cancer.

    Thanks for all the support so far. I'll keep you up to date on
    his progress. Now, I'm going to have a LARGE vodka and
    Chrystal Light!!!! Good Night!!!

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