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finished 3 x BEP

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  • AdrianB1971
    My AFP before chemo was 2.1 , 2.2. After chemo, within 1 year of surveillance, it is oscillating between 3.2 and 5.8. The latest result is 5.2

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  • Davie

    I was told by my oncologist that he has patients that have been in remission for 10+ years, and have continuous AFP levels of 12. Therefore, you may be one of those people who have a slightly higher background level.

    What with your low bHCG, seems like you have nothing to worry about. I know that's easily said, because I worry the same about my numbers.

    Enjoy remission......Davie

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  • petep
    after I finished my 3xBEP last month, my surveillance called for monthly chest xray and blood...and every 3 months a CT scan...for year 1...and then it goes down after that for the next 4 years...

    all my labs and CT scans were clear after chemo...a tiny spot where the node was but doc said it was nothing...

    I recall reading lance armstrongs book and after his chemo he waited quite a while (months) till all markers and visible signs were it seems these markers can continue to drop over time...

    on the nervous part...whatever is going to happen, good or bad, will no point in worrying about it...just enjoy yourself, eat good foods...but don't stress, that's worse than anything....after seeing some of the terminally ill children, my perspective on my situation changed entirely.

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  • swan
    started a topic finished 3 x BEP

    finished 3 x BEP

    Hi all,
    I had my last of 3 rounds of BEP with last bleo push last wed.
    Onco ordered CTs and markers thu. followed by a phone call today . maybe i am a little pesamistic but my AFP went from 6 after 2 rounds to 7 after 3. HCG gone from 2 to 2.5 , i have not seen the CT results but she said there was a 2cm (the pre chemo scan read 3 x 2 !) node which has shrunk to 1.1 cm.
    I said i was concerned about the AFP and the node being over 1 cm , her reply was not to worry about the marker and the node we will keep an eye on, and overall she is very pleased with this result ,go and celabrate you are in remission and i will see you in 8 weeks with markers and chest x ray!

    I thought she may want to check markers earlier than this and no mention of CT scan ( I recall her saying earlier ct every3 months ) as they (markers and node ) are right on the limit ?
    In saying this she is very approachable and said any Q.s or anything you want to know just call.
    I think this 8 weeks is going to take forever or should i listen to her and not worry about it and keep celabrating (flushing the kidneys )
    Cheers swan