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back spasms

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  • AdrianB1971

    Hard to say. Can be a spine problem, cancer recurrence or something else. Only CAT scan can resolve the case

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  • kollerjones
    started a topic back spasms

    back spasms

    I was wondering if any of you fellas with recurring cancer had lower back spasms prior to confirmation of recurrance. My husband began having these yesterday and they are finally beginning to ease this evening. He describes it as a contracture of the lower back - seizes for 30 seconds or so if he moves or sometimes is still - then goes away. Painful to move especially getting up from seated position or from lying down.

    Just curious. He's stage 111C, cisplatin refractory, going in for salvage lung surgery to remove more tumors. Wondering if it spread to his bones. His blood work (red cell morphology) is still screwed up.