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Lance Armstrongs vitamin regimen

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    me again

    The antioxidants regimen is MINE. After many many nights of study, beteen IO and chemo, I decided to take this regimen. [After first cycle of BEP the HCG has dropped to 0.5 so....]. There are many recent studies that specify the sinergical effect of high dose of vitamin E with cisplatin and etoposide. The ideeas that antioxidants may interefere with chemo in a bad way is relatively obsolete. There a well documented citotoxic substances who works very nice with antiOx (AO). The key is HIGH dosage. Only then the sinergical effect will act.

    The socond major benefit is the neuroprotective effect. In my case, the onc has used an elevated dose of cisplatin (40 / m2 instead of 34 / m2). Despite this dosage I can say, after 1 year , I have no side effects [I'm music composer and keyboard player as hobby and I have no changes in the way of sound perception or the dexterity of my fingers].
    OK, you may say : Why are you so sure that the AO involved ? Well, after my success, the onc has inserted this protocol to all new TC patients. The results was the same : COMPLETE REMISION and NO SIDE EFFECTS.

    E+Se is enough (E fot neuropathy and ototoxicity and Se for Kidney protection)

    All the best
    Stage III EC 85% + Sem 15%
    AFP=2.6; HCG=10, 20,28 and rising
    FULL CAT scan:
    -abdominal lymph clear
    -subpleural lungs metastasis [bipulmonary lesions with diam <= 1cm]
    4 x BEP changed to 3 x BEP at my request
    from 2005-05....Surveillance


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      Thanks a lot for all the info Adrian.