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Lance Armstrongs vitamin regimen

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  • dadmo
    This is something you should discuss with your oncologist. They wouldn't allow my son to take any supplements for fear that it might have an adverse effect on the chemo.

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  • Jason
    started a topic Lance Armstrongs vitamin regimen

    Lance Armstrongs vitamin regimen

    Hey guys, ive been reading Lances story and ran into an interview of his. He was asked about any alternative treatments he had and he answered 'Vitamins...I always took vitamins, I just continued taking them'.

    How Lance survived was quite close to a miracle.. you got to say. I know there aint no facts or whatever to say Vitamins help the chemo in any sort of way... but it might just be of some help.

    Im looking to take vitamins during chemo too now after reading Lance had it.

    Anyway i was hoping would anyone have an idea what type of Vitamin he took and how much his intake might of been? Could anyone take a guess of some sort because i got no idea myself.

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