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New feeling after 3 months

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  • New feeling after 3 months

    Hi everybody

    I am not sure if i have understand well what happen when you have neuropathy. Does it happen during chemo or it happen a few weeks after the end of chemo. I thought i was clear of this but i have strange feeling at the bottom of my feet from the back to the toes when i walk and the highest feeling is when get up from bed in the morning(hard to explain in english). I thought that the tingling that people have after chemo was just to the toes and the fingers and presently i feel nothing to my hands. This feeling is not causing me pain but just enough to wonder if it is related to chemo. Thank you for the answer.

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    with invaded spermatic chord and treated with RT
    Relapse november 2005, 4 BEP and now back to surveillance

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    Usualy, the neuropathy effect appears after 3-5 weeks from the end of chemo. It's a delayed process. Usualy it goes away within many years after chemo but there are some chances to persist whole your life
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      Discuss this with your oncologist on your next visit, but you are likely experiencing neuropathy related to your chemo. Mine did not start until about 6 weeks after chemo and gradually progressed to where my feet feel tingly and a little numb all over, but especially around my toes. I have none in my hands. My oncologist at IU told me that neuropathy generally peaks 5 to 6 months after chemotherapy (which for me is at the end of this month) and he expects mine to dissipate over the next 6 to 12 months.
      Brian, [email protected]
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        Eric, same with my son. Neurapathy on the balls of his feet and toes. Started about two months after chemo when he started running trying to get back into shape. He said it is gone now (16 months post chem) except that if he cruches his toes he knows it is there. Dianne
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          I am glad someone started this thread. I am 7 months+ from chemo and have started to get neuropathy in my hands and was a bit scary at first but after reading some of the posts, it appears to be somewhat normal (?).
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            I have neuropathy in both my fingers and toes. I first noticed it during round 2
            of my BEP regime,and I would say it is a bit worse now 4 months post-chemo.
            Oh,and mix in an enoying case of Reyauds syndrom in my hands for good luck.

            Best Wishes,
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              Mine started in my feet about 4-6 weeks after my 2nd round of BEP--had it just in feet at this piont and it was mild to moderate.... 1 month after 3 round of Salvage chemo I have Neuropathy entirly throughout both feet , 8 finger , left thigh and left shoulder.. It did get worse and worse for the first 6 months post chemo and has seemed to level off(I hope).. I am 14 months post chemo now with severe neuropathy in my feet.. after trying several different medications( with little to no results) I have been taking a Medication called Lyrica for about 3-4 months.. It has helped a great deal with the thigh and shoulder and has had some affect on a few of the fingers.. The rest of the fingers and feet are both in pretty rough shape.... I would get yourself on some Meds ASAP to block the condition from getting worse.....

              For anyone that is interested there is also a Doctor at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland that has been performing corrective surgery on those suffering from Diabetic Neuropathy with great success for several years... He has now crossed over into treating Chemo induced Neuropathy also with a great deal of success.. I would have thought that the surgery would be the same but I guess both types have different surgeries due to the different receptors effected/damaged.. It's a pretty rough surgery for the first few weeks (can't see it being worse then the RPLND )but then the recovery is supposed to go well after weeks 2-3.. If my condition doesn't drastically change for the better in the next 12- 18 months then I am going to have the surgery done.. I will post a like to his site so you guys can check it out!!!!! DON
              Moffitt Cancer Institute
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                I developed neuropathy about a month after my chemo ended. It has varied from being nearly disabling to being a minor nuisance. Indiana9, I'm glad you mentioned that it usually goes away, since I was beginning to wonder. Like Apache, I'm 7+ months out from chemo and I still have it.
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