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Delaying 4th Cycle of EP?

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  • Delaying 4th Cycle of EP?

    I am currently undergoing chemo for a recurrence of Stage 1 seminoma in 2004. I have just finished receiving round 3 of chemo and I am getting married on June 10th. I am supposed to begin 4th and final round on June 5th finishing on June 9th. I would basically feel like crap for my wedding. As of now I am undecided as to what to do because the doctors do not recommend my delaying the cycle despite the fact the the 2 lung nodules (1 cm each) are no longer present in the CT-Scan. One option my fiancee and I are considering is starting the final cycle earlier than the scheduled date. Any input/suggestions would be very helpful right now!

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    If you attempt to start the last round early it could kill you so that's out of the question. If you attempt to delay the last cycle by more then a few days any lingering undetected cancer cells could become resistant to the chemo. I know the stiuation your in stinks but in my opinion you're stuck. Before you make any decision have a long serious talk with your oncologist.
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      I have had many a conversation with dr. and they can't give me a definitive answer as to why. My local oncologist spoke to my oncologist at MD Anderson about delaying the 4th round and he by no means would recommend delaying. I want to know what happens to my cells, bone marrow, etc. if I would delay?


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        I agree with dadmo you are stuck but you will be giving your lady the chance to be with you for a long life. My oncologist told me if chemo was needed they do it a certain way for the type you have and don't like to change things at all since they have such good luck killing the cancer off. He was very asertive as to that point. Take you questions back to the doctor write them down so you don't forget any of them maybe they can safely do something else but getting rid of the cancer is #1 on all of our list,my girlfriend tells me if I screw around by not following the doctors orders she will do me in before anything else, she wants to be with me until we are old, not until I am 36 I bet the same goes for yours This is something that if we don't do what the doctors advise it could cost us more then a honeymoon in the long run. The timing sucks and that is a fact but your health is still the first thing you need to look after.
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          You have your whole life to get only have a limited time to kill this cancer... If I were in your position I would postpone the wedding for about 3 months that way you could finish the chemo and have time to recupperate so you can enjoy your wedding... This should be a day to remember forever.. The one thing you will remember is going to be how sick you were for your wedding... I think you would both be better off waiting a little... Just my opinion!!!!!!!! Good luck with finishing chemo and I hope you have the best wedding ever!!!!! DON
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            stick to the program. starting too soon does not give your body the rest it needs before hitting it again while waiting could affect the clinical efficacy of the protocol. so you can gut it out and remember being sick at your wedding (which might not be a bad memory many years from now when you look back on the cancer you HAD) or just postpone it...the invested money and the angry inlaws are mild hurdles compared to the battle we are all fighting to stay alive and healthy for a LONG time. good luck!
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