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Increased epididymal cyst pain since orchiectomy

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  • Increased epididymal cyst pain since orchiectomy

    I had a left I/O late January. My right testicle is doing fine, some focal calcifications, no lesions.

    But, it has an epididymal cyst. Before the surgery, this would ache occasionally. Since the surgery, it aches every day or two.

    Is this normal? My understanding is that epididymal cysts are no cause for concern, have no negative effects, are not indications of anything, and have no good treatment options.

    The pain is at the level of a mild annoyance, nothing more. Still, it would be nice if it subsided. Also want to confirm it's nothing to worry about.

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    Dear friend,

    I also have a cyst on the epididymis in my remaining testicle, the right one like you... I was told that I have it but it's not a cause of being concerned... as for the pain that you are experiencing sometimes in your remaining testicle, as far as I was told from the doctors, during the first month the surviving testicle has to work also for the missed one, so you can have phenomena such as size increasing or occasional pains... it's everything normal, even if I suggest (although I'm not a doctor, so take with care my words and always speak with your doctor) to have your testosterone levels checked...

    Best of luck !!!!


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      Thanks. As far as I can tell, the pain is around the cyst, not in the testicle. (the cyst is on the cords to the right of the testicle). I had right testicle pain after the surgery, but that's subsided.


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        The same here, my friend... sometimes I feel this pain around my cyst and not into the testicle... As far as I have understood, the whole area becomes more sensitive for example to cold and warm or if you wear some tighter underwear...

        Best !!!!