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Ultrasound or CT - Paraplatin or Cisplatin

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  • Ultrasound or CT - Paraplatin or Cisplatin

    I'm reading your conversations and because I'm coming from different country like most of you I would like to share some experiance on this two topics :
    - at our Medicine institute exams are made with ultrasound, because explanation was, that with CT they had problems with soft tissues and they can be more sure

    - I was stage I seminom and I received 3 times preventive dose of Paraplatin. I belive it is different drug that Cisplation and it should be the modern one, or I'm wrong about it ?

    What is your opinion about this ?

    Seminoma I. stage ,May 2004,Si Deus pro nobis quis contra nos

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    hi, alex.

    here in the u.s., or at least from what i know of it, the sonogram is used to check testicular masses, but the CT scan is used to examine the abdomen. i'll see if i can look up why, though maybe someone else will have more info in the meantime.

    i'd not heard of paraplatin and looked it up. apparently, it is another name for what i know as carboplatin. i know of that as a chemo drug sometimes used in second chemo protocols for resistant non-seminoma (cisplatin is more used in first protocols).

    the treatment of choice for seminoma has usually been radiation, but i did find this article:
    Accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive cancer information from the U.S. government's principal agency for cancer research.

    does anyone know more about this?
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