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  • Pnuemonia

    Things with Eric had been going along fine until....Pnuemonia. It took them about 10 days to figure out that his pnuemonia was chemically created from the Bleo. Has anyone ever had this problem? Any suggestions? They still want to go ahead with 3 more Bleo treatments.

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    im fearing that i might have the same problem, what were the symptoms? I've had a stuffed nose, glossy eyes, and a very bad caugh, especially at night and in the morning.

    Does this sound anything like Eric??

    Hope he feels better!

    Best wishes,
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      Ok, so in my case it was Bronchitis (infection of the part above the lungs), so no pnuemonia.

      I hope Eric is getting better!
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        Eric got over the pneumonia after 12 days in hospital. He had his last full week of chemo last week. 2 more Bleo's. The oncologist said they will do another CAT Scan and if the cancer is still there in his lymph nodes they may do more Chemo but a different kind. Is this Salvage Chemo? What does this consist of? Has any one else had this problem? I had been keeping up with things and was aware of all his treatments and what they are but now I have no idea what the oncologist is talking about. Any suggestions about what we should? Get a second opinion, let him do more Chemo, try to get the RPLND done first and then see what happens? HELP!!



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          When my son got sick right after the completion of his chemo, his doctor(s) were very concerned that it was pneumonia. We were told that chemo patients are very susceptible to pneumonia. In fact, they said that if his fever didn't go below 101 in three hours he was to go right to the ER. As it turned out, his fever did go down so he ended up at the hospital the next day where they ran tests. It turned out that he had the flu, but apparently, the pneumonia problem could be a side effect of the chemo and very worrisome. Have they done pulmonary function tests on Eric? The results should determine whether they should keep him on bleo. What are Eric's markers? Are they still elevated? They always do a CT scan after chemo so that is normal treatment. There are other types of chemo in the arsenal. If Eric is not responding to BEP they will try something else. You might want to contact IU or Sloan Kettering for a second opinion. Dianne
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