Hi all,

Thought I would put down my experience with Radiotherapy - I'm 4 days into 15, i've come to the conclusion I must have a bit of a weak stomach as I felt sick about 15mins after the treatment & then threw up 3 hrs later!

Here in the UK at least, it seems they are reluctant to give you the anti sickness meds until you say you need them. This meant I had to go a day & night without them - oh well.. Anyway since then its not been too bad, the sickness is just a faint rumble in the background and I am able to eat reasonable amounts. So far my skin is fine. I'm having the treatment at around 4.30pm, I'm finding the nausea is at its worst about 4 hrs later and I start feeling sleepy at around 9ish. On the plus side I am having great deep sleeps!

I'm still working without any real problems, I'm drinking loads of water which helps flush it all through. Also moisturising the skin with a ph balanced cream.
I understand that its likely to get worse day by day but so far I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

Finally, on the news last night they announced that they are trialling embryonic pre screening for couples with colon cancer in the genes - I may be wrong here - but I think they said that if a parent has CC there is a 50% chance of offspring having it. They pre screen the embryo before IVF, if its clear they carry on if not they don't!

Slightly controversial but amazing all the same!!

Kind regards