Well, by some incredible fluke I'm going to need to have (a few? some? many? doc can't say) lymph nodes removed, through 2 incisions.

Due to previous botched surgeries, the affected nodes are in my groin/leg, and not abdomen. I'm told there's around a 40% chance that there's no cancer in any form in the nodes, with same for teratoma, and 20% chance for the malignancy the earlier doctor of 20 years ago didn't care if I got. So much for the 1-3% chance of recurrence.

Anyway, anyone out there with lymph nodes in their leg removed? How bad is the swelling going to be? I'm tempted just to pass on the surgery and take my chances...after all, the lymph nodes were probably enlarged previous to the cancer due to the botched surgery rerouting blood flow. Still, it would be neat to have someone who's endured similar.