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New Problem - Blood Clot

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    Sorry to hear about this new development. Sometimes it seems like it'll never end. Hang in there. Hopefully the anticlotting agents will take care of it.
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      My husband also threw a clot. However he's been on the warafin for almost three years! He gets the INR tests every month. They think he may have developed a condition called lupus anticoagulate. I think its hereditary - brought on by the chemo.


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        Since my warfarin dose hasn't gotten to a theraputic level yet, the doc still has me on the Lovenox which really sucks. I can handle takin' the pills but this self-injection stuff really sucks. I dread it everytime I have to do it. Hopefully I'll only have to do it for a few more days.

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          I hated giving myself octreotide injections last summer, too, so I can sympathize. It won't go on forever...
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            My husband discovered a clot after he finished chemo too, it was in his calf. It took them a while to get his bloodwork where they wanted it, so he ended up having to do the Lovenox shots for 2 weeks. He had his last shot last Friday, now he's just on coumadin for the next several months. His doctor said it probably wasn't the cancer or the chemo that caused it, but judging from this thread, it seems like this comes up fairly often. Hope you finish your Lovenox shots soon.