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    This may at first sound kind of silly, but have you heard/researched muc habout the connections between nutrition/ dietary habits and cancer?

    Our medical institutions and doctors are not trained to provide care that is anchored by nutritional aspects. The knowledge is simply not there, and institutions are not very interested in these approaches because of how the system is set up.

    BUT! There are some pretty interesting research findings out there. Let me just briefly summarize (I wont really do it justice, I just want you to get ahold of one of them straws you're grasping for).

    I put it all in a separate thread for reference.
    A social spot for testicular cancer survivors to meet friends and make new ones. New members can introduce themselves here. Chat about testicular cancer or anything else!

    It ain't an immediate results kind of thing, and maybe you already know all of this, but I hope it gives you a little inspiration.

    PS: I recommend you see a psychologist/coach to help you with this. Because regardless of the outcome of all these efforts, a professional can make this whole period of your life something truly helpful on levels you cannot even imagine.
    pT1, nonseminoma (embryonal carcinoma, teratoma, yolk sac), S2 markers