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Precautions during radiation?

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  • Precautions during radiation?

    I wrote a few weeks ago before my husband chose radiation after seeing a urologist oncologist at Duke. He just finished his second week and seems to be handling it well-better than I thought. He wants to travel to see a sick Aunt 4 hours from our home-it would be 8 hours in 2 days after his third week of radiation. I am afraid he is going to tire himself too much and his body needs all it's strength to recoup the good cells radiation killed. Is there truth to that or am I being overly paranoid? Thanks! Lesley

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    I see no reason he should not go, if he feels up to it. Everyone handles it differently. Would he drive? If so, he should be well rested and probably stop to walk around and get some fresh air one or two times on the way (always a good idea, even when not under RT).

    In the middle of my 3rd week (I started my RT mid-week), there was a holiday weekend, so I had 3 days off from RT. The family and I drove to the mountains - about 3-1/2 hours away. We left right after my treatment on Friday - I drove. Yes, I was tired and a little queasy, but the thought of going to the mountains, which I love dearly, especially after all I had been through the previous couple of months, gave my spirit a huge lift. My wife was concerned about me driving that long, but she was there by my side and made sure I was awake and alert. It was a great trip, kind of a celebration of almost being done with treatment, and a first step to living fully after TC.

    If he feels up to it, he should go. You could go with him to keep tabs on him if you are that concerned.
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