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Abdominal & testicle pain post-chemo

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  • mn_mommy

    He had his first CT scan and blood work done a few weeks ago. Everything came back within normal range.

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  • mn_mommy
    started a topic Abdominal & testicle pain post-chemo

    Abdominal & testicle pain post-chemo

    Hi everyone! I am new to this forum, and I was glad to how much support there is here. My husband isn't much for doing research, so that is my department. In July, he had his tumor removed on the right side and had a vasectomy performed on the left. He had 2 chemo sessions that ended in early October. Throughout his diagnosis and treatment I was pregnant (we had a beautiful baby girl 9/14). Needless to say our sex life is only just starting to get back on track. Now that we are becoming more "active", my hubby is experiencing alot of pain in his abdomen (on the side his tumor was removed) and pain in or near his left testicle. I was wondering if this is a possible side affect of his surgery or could there be something else going on down there? He is in the military and today the military physician told him not to have sex until he sees the urologist. Well, of couse he hasn't scheduled an appointment yet. Has anyone had weird pains or complications after surgery and treatment? Even when he does get an appointment scheduled, who knows how long before we get results back. The waiting was probably the hardest thing for me to deal with. Ughhh...