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  • Question about recurrence

    Is it possible to have TC in your remaining testicle 4 weeks after an Ultrasound was done showing it to be clear?

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    It certainly is possible but not very likely. What have you had done so far. It sounds like you had one of the boys removed.
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      I had my right testicle removed on the 1st of August.
      It was a Stage 1 Seminoma.
      4 weeks after the I/O I started to have discomfort with the remaining testicle.

      Could this be TC again?


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        You can ask your doctor about it, but it's very unlikely that you have cancer in the remaining testicle, and it's very common to feel discomfort in it at this time.
        right inguinal orchiectomy 6/5/2003 > nonseminoma, stage I > surveillance > L-RPLND 6/24/2005 for recurrence, suspected teratoma but found seminoma, stage II > chylous ascites until 9/2005 > surveillance and "all clear" since

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          I have had periodic discomfort with my left testicle ever since the Right I/O. I insisted on an ultrasound for lefty before chemo Rx and it showed an epidydmal cyst. I still get a heavy feeling on the left side, almost identical to the cancerous right side, and I constanly inspect the area. But, for over a year, it hasn't been anything of consequence. if you need peace of mind, go get an ultrasound. for me, it was worthwhile.
          Age 33, Right I/O Mar '05, 90% embryonal, 10% teratocarcinoma, Surv until 4 mo CT (+), 3 x BEP Aug/Sep '05, CT 10/05 ok, CT 2/06 ok, CT 3/06 ok, CT 6/06 ok, X-Ray, Blood 8/06 ok, Sperm Count 09/06: Low but active, CT 10/06 ok, X-ray 12/06 ok, CT 02/07 ok, X-ray/blood 4/07 ok, CT 6/07 ok, X-ray/blood 09/07, CT 10/07 ok, CT 4/08 ok, CT 10/08 ok

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            I started getting pain in my right as soon as my 1st checkup in the emergency department last week, I also started smelling burnt rubber and all(turned out to be from the iodine drip I am asuming) last week, I was a mess, I thought everything was cancer, I thought I was riddled and one morning I honestly believed without a doubt I had only weeks to live, I had no energy, I couldnt be bothered talking on the phone to friends, the next day blood test and cat scan came back clean, and now I feel just as good as 2 weeks ago. The pain in my right testicle is gone, and I just got back from my 2nd ultrasound, and it shows my right is normal. the 1st ultrasound revieled a tiny cyst in the right, maybe 1mm I am guessing, the 2nd did not show it(maybe gone?).
            Sure get it checked out though, but dont even stress about it.
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              I had my right I/O in June this year, and am only 3 weeks out of 3xBEP - and the past few days have been having discomfort in my groin and in my left testicle. No sign of lumps - nothing like my right testicle was. Seems to have happened after I knocked it when i was doing some heavy lifting, but I'm terrified that my remaining guy might have cancer. This is the last thing i need whilst i wait for my CT scan results!! How likely is it to be something ? I know the answer is to get it looked at but here i'm scared of the answer even more than the first time as i dont want to lose my lone buddy! The tube i can feel left over from my right testicle after its removal is hurting more too - so i'm guessing this is just general discomfort.

              need to work up courage to call urologist...


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                It is very unlikely to be anything, but as you know, the BEST way to make that determination is to see your urologist.

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                  I ended up having both removed within a month. But I never felt any pain or noticed any swelling in the second one. But like everyone said, it's very rare and highly unlikely.
                  Right I/0 March 30, 2005
                  Left I/O April 20, 2005
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