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  • Got a call from my doctor

    Hello all,

    I got call from my doctor today. He told me that he got report from the lab.
    He told me that whole testical was covered with seminoma.
    I’m waiting from CT scan results.
    Kind of depressed because I’m afraid that if whole testical covered it might spread somewhere else.
    What will be the next steps? Another surgery or chemo therapy?



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    Next steps will depend on your CT scan results. Additional treatment, if necessary, will be either radiation therapy or chemotherapy.
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      The CT scan covered only abdomnemt and pevlis area? What about rest of the body? Is there a chance so it would go directly to other parts?


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        I understand this is stressful, but you will really need more information from your doctor before any decisions on next steps. Don't assume that becasue he used the word "covered" that any spread had occurred. The size of the tumor does not necessarily correlate to spreading, so get the whole story first.

        Since you have been told its pure seminoma then the next steps will be dependent on whether or not there was any spread. The CT and XRAY can tell the doctor this. If there is no spread then the recommendation will most likely be surveillance or a round of adjuvant radiation on the lymph nodes to kill any cancer cells that may be there and not detected by CT. Seminoma is especially susceptible to radiation so that will most likely be the first recommendation before chemo if there are no other surprises.

        Hang in there. One step at a time. No assumptions. Ask questions, get the full story and listen to all your options. With Seminoma you will have options!

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          Thanks for support and advice!
          I'm going to see my doctor on friday. Tomorrow I will have to pick up CT results and bring it to him as he asked me to to.


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            Compared to other cancers, seminoma is quite predictable. If you don't have any spread to the abdomen, it would be very, very, rare for it to be anywhere else in your body. It also tends to spread more slowly that other type of TC, and it's very easy to treat with radiation or chemo. Try not to stress too much. The waiting is the worst part.

            best wishes
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