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    Sorry if this has been covered before, but has anyone had any experience with low testosterone following their R.O.? Its been almost 6 months, and I feel like my levels are getting lower and lower. I don't have the "drive" I used to have....I was a fairly regular 5X a week type of guy, but now its more like 1 or 2x a week is just fine. No performance issues....just don't have that raging feeling like I used to.
    I am changing doctors and will see the new one for the first time on January 10th so I want to have the best questions to ask him about this.
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    RPLND Oct 14 2004 - Dr. Foster / Indianapolis IND
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    Hi Neon,

    To check if you are low in Testosterone you need some blood tests.

    I would down load the PDF from this site AACE Guidelines and This gives Testosterone by AGE , print them out and take them with you to the next doctors visit.

    Please visit Testosterone Challenges on this site for more sites.

    Please educate youself...........
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