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Kidney Cyst ?!

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  • Lunge
    My CT also showed a cyst in the kidney.
    The MRI (CT specialist), the URO and the Radio-Oncologist all said, that this is normal and no problem.
    I think if those 3 specialists say the same, they are right.

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  • Krokar
    started a topic Kidney Cyst ?!

    Kidney Cyst ?!

    as first, I was diagnosed with I stage pure Seminoma May this year. 3 cycles of preventive Chemo, then 2 regular exams. On my last one one week ago I was on ultrasound and radiologyst found what he said is 100% sure Cyst on my kidney. He just wrote down this like he said, that on some further exams somebody would not think by mistake that this is some tumor. He showed me also picture of it, it really looks like some tissue with fluid (OK, I'm completely amateur).
    On my oncologist report later on there were no remarks because Kidney Cysts is normaly harmless. My question is :
    Do somebody think that I should make some further exams even if they all decided this is nothing important or should I belive radiologyst that this is Cyst?

    A little paranoic question, I know but anyway, anybody heard about such wrong diagnoses ?