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    Had my first appointment with my oncologist a couple weeks ago (Sep 14). Initial work up was done by a student, he has his M.D. so I guess he's doing a fellowship. He was checking my eyes and asked why they were dilated. I thought it might have been due to my contacts, they had been bothering me while talking with him and the supervising doctor. Later at night I realized that was just part of the physiological response to fear.

    See, back in July when I had the first ultrasound, it revealed a large mass in the right and 'something' in the left. My GP mentioned the 'something' to me before seeing the urologist. I'm glad he did, because the urologist didn't mention it until I asked him, this is at the first consultation. He then went back to look at the ultrasound and said it wasn't anything to worry about. He had seen stuff like that before, and it was only visible from one angle and very small.

    My oncologist brought up the left side again at the consultation and said that that was, "something we'll have to keep an eye on". I had an ultrasound scheduled for Oct. 2 and he said to call him and he would give me the results as I was, "sure to be anxious". You can now probably start to see the reason for my fear causing my eyes to dilate.

    A couple hours after my ultrasound on Monday I got a call from my urologist's office, scheduling me for an appointment on Thursday. I only spoke with the scheduler so didn't learn much. I called my oncologist's office and he called back pretty quickly and said the 'something' in the left side had grown and is now at 5 mm. He said that he would talk with my urologist after my appointment and come up with a plan. He did say the blood tests I had Sep. 28 showed that the marker levels were still normal.

    I really want to thank the guys who post here and who've gone through this twice. I used to think to myself, "I only have to go through half of what they went through." I know you'll understand when I say that I don't want to join your club.
    right inguinal orchiectomy 2006/07/17, non-seminoma stage 1

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    Sorry to hear you might be coming back for seconds. But with nothing confirmed yet, hang in there and try to think positively -- I know it's tough.

    Whatever happens, you'll get through it.

    Make sure you keep us updated.

    Best wishes.
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    RPLND 6/20/1988
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