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Difference in amounts of radiation treatments

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  • Difference in amounts of radiation treatments

    I am about to start my radiation treatments on tuesday 10/10/06. I am curious why my doctor has me set up on 20 treatments when I see everyone els is 15-17 treatments. I had my right testicle removal performed on 9/8/06. It was seminoma with no invasion. I had my choice to go with radiation or to go with surveillance. Trust me it was one of the hardest choices I have ever had to make. My decision was based on odds, and most of all my wife. I couldn't be selfish. I was not going to do it for all the wrong reasons. The number one reason is her. So now I am in the nervous stage. Not knowing how all the side effects are going to effect me, or at all. I suppose I will wait and see. I will give a report as they proceed.

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    Which country do you live in? Not sure why you would have 20 treatments, but it might have something to do with the level of radiation. You should consult with your doctor on the variance. However, it might also be that your doctor is including your sessions for "set-up" prior to the actual treatments.

    Side effects may vary slightly, but you should expect heavy fatigue to set in over the course of treatments, some nausea, and maybe some slight irritation on the skin of the radiated area. The level of side effects vary by person. Some are really sick to their stomach, but many are just very queezy.

    Hang in there. You are doing the right thing for yourself. This will pass soon.

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      I'm in Australia and am currently having 25 sessions. The first 20 are a field covering the para-aortic and right pelvic nodes (ie Dogleg). The last 5 are specific to an area in the para-aortic region that they believe to contain cancer - also the last 5 are given at 2 fractions whereas the first 20 are at 1.25 fractions.

      I have had four treatments so far and now have two days off for the weekend.

      Good luck with your treatment.


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        Definitely ask your radiation oncologist, but I have heard of some doing 20 rather than 15. I was told that it is the total dosage that matters, not how it is divided among the number of treatments.

        When I was getting ready for my RT, my rad onc told me that we would do the 15 higher dose treatments, but we would see how I felt - if fatigue or nausea were too bad, he would adjust the dosage and then adjust the number of treatments accordingly. I did OK, so we stuck with the 15 treatments.

        Perhaps your doctor preferrs the lower dosage per treatment, you will probably have less effect, but it means you will be tied to the radiation oncology center for extra days.

        Either way, you will do fine and this will be behind you before you know it. Take care of yourself, as you will probably be tired and perhaps a little queasy for the next month or so. Good luck to you.
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