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5 days after surgery. Getting used to a "falsie"

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  • 5 days after surgery. Getting used to a "falsie"

    Hi all. Just found the forum yesterday. (I posted something like this then, but it seemed to go into the ether).

    Anyway. I go to see the oncologist on Tuesday having had my right ball removed last monday to find out what happens next.

    During my surgery to remove the ball with the mass on it, I had a prosthetic ball put in, and was initially pleased that it looks v similar in size and shape.

    On day 2 though, I developed a problem after going for a short walk. I find that as it is harder than a normal ball it "pinches" my scrotum skin in he middle every few hours when the falsie bangs against the other one.

    Now it has done this, the skin is quite sore, so I find I'm walking funny (I had been back to normal quite quickly)

    I wondered whether other people have found this, and whether it is a temporary thing that goes away, or is an ongoing problem

    (If you want to send a person crazy, randomly pinching their scrotum several times a day should eventually do it)

    I'm in the UK, so on the NHS we didnt talk about different types of falsie or manufacturers so I didnt even know there were alternatives.

    Really like to hear from you if you're a bit further down the track.


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    No pain for my son

    You should be in total comfort, other than the surgical pain. I would have it checked! There is enough discomfort with everything else that is involved. My son had a saline prosthesis and he has not mentioned any problems. I asked him a day or two after the surgery and he said "no problems" at that point. Take care, Russell's mom, Sharon
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