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    My husband had his orchiectomy on May 28th, schlerolsing sertoli cell tumor. The tumor markers were negative and the tumor had not spread outside the testicle. The ct scan he had shortly after showed a few lymph nodes in the retroperionium showed up but less than 1cm. The urologist suggested we wait 3 months and redo the ct scan. We just got the results back and it still shows the lymph nodes unchanged but also a few in his groin area are showing but also less than 1cm.

    Im very confused because I thought less than 1cm is considered normal.. I guess the fact that they showed up at all is the concern....

    Any advise / input is appreciated
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    second opinion

    Hi from Russell's Mom,
    We saw one urologist who is the one who said "don't worry" and now we are in chemo etc. etc. We had one urologist (after metastasis ) who hit the bulls eye in every way. As a nurse and mom, I would say get a second opinion and don't worry about the urologist. He/she will get over it. If there is something to be concerned about , you do not want to wait. If there is nothing, no loss. Besides it is such a mind fog to be in the state of not knowing. I would look for someone who has the expertise in TC so you don't get any more confusions. Hope this helps. Sharon
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      Originally posted by yvonne
      My husband had his orchiectomy on May 28th, schlerolsing sertoli cell tumor.
      This is a very rare type of testicular tumor, and I'd bet most doctors have never encountered it. You need to contact an expert center such as Indiana University or Sloan, etc. From what everyone had said, Dr. Einhorn (IU) is very responsive to emails.

      Check this link for a list.

      Best wishes.
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        This is indeed a very rare type of cancer, please have your doctor get in touch with an expert at the link provided by Fish.
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          Ditto, ditto, ditto. Get copies of all those tests (both scans, blood work, etc) and contact the experts mentioned by Fish. This is not meant to scare or confuse you more. TC is very rare, but your husband's cell type is more rare and he should at the very least consult with people who have seen this before.

          Let us know what you decide and how things go.

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