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What to expect with a CT scan

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  • What to expect with a CT scan

    Wow. Respect to all of you for taking it it your stride. I was quite taken aback at the invasiveness of the CT scan. First the litre of white glue to drink, then the injection of HOT contrast media, which makes you feel you are burning up all over.

    I take it everyone else's was the same? My advice if you are scheduled is to have a chat or (or post) with others who have done it before. Things are less intimidating if you know in advance what is going to happen.

    I now have a week and a bit til my onc appt, which should (God willing) actually get round to the treatment plan discussion.

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    it's nothing!

    The wondeful milk shake they gave you is not that bad. The injection did not get me hot rather made me feel odd, hard to describe but it was not that bad.
    You will be okay the thing that got me was the "what ifs"
    other then that you will be fine.
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      Just thinking of you

      Hi Pilgrim, Russell has had his dye in water...yuck! Had to laugh a bit on his brain MRI..... I got to go in with him....all of the movements from the machine were making a rythmic sound. Russell is a drummer. The hardest part for him was holding still...not tapping his fingers!! He started the first day of round 4 today. Getting ready to just do a chemo week. Take care, keep in touch. Sharon
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        CT are what they are a pain in the butt. THe dye taste like crap and it feels like you wet your pants for a couple minutes. The good news is it will show if anything else is is active.
        If you have questions on anything let us know.
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          Originally posted by Pilgrim
          then the injection of HOT contrast media, which makes you feel you are burning up all over.
          Almost everyone I know says the IV contrast feels hot, but mine felt cold. As soon as they started injecting the contrast, it felt like ice water in my veins. I didn't feel right for about a week after that, if I had to compare it to anything I'd have to say I felt like I usually feel if I eat shrimp (I'm allergic to shrimp). I had some nausea, was lightheaded and felt really cold.. the kind of chill I'd usually associate with a fever, but my temperature was normal the whole time.


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            Yes, it can be invasive, but it is part of our lives now so we have to put up with it. But, the more you do it, the more you learn what works and the more you can take it in stride.

            I learned a few things with my last one that I will definitely do differently next time. I had a late-morning CT appointment, so I made plans to go somewhere for work that morning. I took my contrast solution with me, and where I was I could only find water to mix it with. It was nasty, but I choked it down. I was driving back towards home when the first wave of diarrhea hit - I almost did not make it to a service station - and I hate to think about the poor person that had to use that restroom next.
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