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CT RESULTS, Residual Mass??

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  • joronzi
    You said 3 additional masses. Where are they? Where was your original? How big were they? So the Dr's had no concern at all? Sounds good for you!! CONGRATS!

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  • joronzi
    started a topic CT RESULTS, Residual Mass??

    CT RESULTS, Residual Mass??

    I had a seminoma tumor in my lymph nodes that was 9 cm X 6cm with no tumor markers. After chemo my CT showed a residual mass of 2CM by .8 CM. My Dr was thrilled with the response to chemo but wants me to have a pet scan in 2 weeks to determine weather or not this is scar tissue or tumor. Has anyone else had a similar experience?? Is it usually scar tissue at this point and size? Is all of this good news or should it have completely disapeared? Whay do we have to wait 2 weeks before the PET scan?

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