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Concerns about multiple CTs during surveillance

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  • Concerns about multiple CTs during surveillance

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know what effect multiple CT scans would have on the sperm of someone's remaining testicle? I think the testicle would be exposed to some fairly high radiation during these scans. Is there any recommendation for waiting to try to conceive after a scan or an x-ray in that area?

    Thank you,

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    I really doubt survalience would do anything to sperm count, there are safely populated areas in the world where people live with low cancer rates who are exposed to much more radiation then what survalience gives.
    If you are concerned about its effects on your body take vitamin C and a good natural vitamin E(gamma tocepherols or even better Isomer-E) as this will help get rid of free radicals.
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    Radiation therapy works by damaging the DNA of cells. The damage is caused by a photon, electron or proton beam directly or indirectly ionizing the atoms which make up DNA chain. Indirect ionization happens as a result of the ionization of water, forming free radicals, notably hydroxyl radicals, which then damage the DNA. In the most common forms of radiation therapy, most of the radiation effect is through free radicals.
    When taking the vitamin C on the day of the scan I would take it atleast and hour before the scan and no less then 4 hours after, to reduce stress on your kidneys, vitamin C makes me thirsty and you should be drinking water to flush out the contrast.
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