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Opinions on treatment Non-Seminoma Treatment

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  • dadmo
    Those numbers look good, congratulations. Here's a list of Canadian Experts.

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  • wayout east
    Thanks for the replies - my numbers were

    Originally posted by dadmo
    Surveillance is a reasonable option if your blood work has normalized. What were your numbers?
    My numbers were:
    AFP 4 (reference 0-9 ug/L)
    Beta HCG <1 (reference 0-3 u/L)

    Will let you know after the Oncologist visit. BTW do you have an experts list for Canada.


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  • Dave40306
    Surveillance sounds reasonable in your case because your markers were normal before/after the IO. You'll always have chemo and/or surgery to fall back on IF something was to show up later. Like others have said, you MUST keep on the schedule your Doc sets. I'm on that plan now!

    BTW - Welcome to the forum. There are some great people here.

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  • Scott
    Surveillance is a good option. Just be sure to make all your appointments.

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  • dadmo
    Surveillance is a reasonable option if your blood work has normalized. What were your numbers?

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  • willgetoverit
    I'd go with surveillance, if I were you.
    If you are the kinds that wants to read up a bit, you may just want to go through the links on my treatment thread. I found them useful.

    Coping with radiation, chemotherapy, RPLND, or surveillance: treatment issues, test results, surveillance reports. Talk about what's going on with you!

    There are a bunch of links on this page. Try going through them.


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  • mikeygti
    Welcome to the forum,

    With clear tumor markers and cxr, sounds like you may already be cured,and that surviellance would be an excellent option! The nodes on your CT scan are not enlarged enough for diagnosis.

    Let us know how your meeting with your Oncologist goes !

    Best Wishes

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  • Opinions on treatment Non-Seminoma Treatment

    Hi All,

    New to the forum and found it very informative. Would welcome your comments:

    Had Left Orchidectomy

    Pathology Report:
    Mixed germ cell tumor 3.6 X 3.0 X 2.0 c.m.
    (50% embryonal, 35% seminoma and 15% mature teratoma)
    Tumor involves rete teste, no evidence of lymphovascular invasion
    Intratubular germ cell neoplasia
    No invasion into tunica albuginea, vaginalis or spermatic cord
    All blood markers and chest x-ray normal

    CT Scan Report:
    Two small (sub 5 mm) pulmonary nodules present
    Two small (sub 5 mm) hepatic hypodensities in the dome of the liver
    No evidence of pathology in retroperitoneal or antraperitoneal andeopathy

    My Urologist Recommends:
    Surveillance over chemotherapy at this time.

    I have an appointment with an Oncologist in a few days.

    Would appreciate any thoughts