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  • Rossi
    This forum has been a way for many of us to share our experiences and to help out people who might need direction. It has been a very good source of information and support for me.
    I hope you have contacted IU or any other facility on the expert list about your situation since it might be that your husband needs salvage therapy. When I first contacted IU they transferred me to a nurse that gave sound advice and was very patient with me. I hope you do get advice from them even if just via phone so you know what IU would do in your husbands situation. Do not be turned off by thinking they wont give you time via phone cause they do and I found IU to be very friendly and supportive.
    I wish nothing but the best for you and your husband.

    PS: have your facts about the pathology and your markers ready so they can help you

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  • Don
    started a topic Thanks


    I just have to say thank you all for your responses. It is comforting to come here and feel like you're not alone with all this crazy stuff that you have to deal with. Much appreciated !