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  • Scott
    Seminoma responds very well to radiation therapy. Let us know how things turn out.

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  • clyde_on
    Follow DADMO's advice the site he gave you

    Follow DADMO's advice the site he gave you is a group of the best and what the best recomend.

    It is most helpful!

    Good luck!

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  • dadmo
    Check out these treatment guidelines from NCCN, and for a second opinion I would use Slaon Or Indiana. Here's the list of experts. Either place is great but Indiana seems to be more responsive. Good luck and keep us posted.

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  • suave
    started a topic new to forum

    new to forum

    Hello all. Just wanted to say how supportive it's been to read everyone's posts. I've gained so much knowledge by visiting this site and it's helped me so much in being able to communicate with my treatment team and cope with the diagnosis. Here's a quick synopsis of my story. Had R I/O on 10/3/06, tumor size was 7.3cm, stage II seminoma, spermatic cord margin negative for tumor, no invasive tumor to rete testis, epididymis, tunica vaginalis, or scrotal wall. PET scan shows an enlarged periaortic lymph node of 15mm in diameter. It also recently showed a "more intense area of metabolic uptake just anterior to the iliac vessels, the area is a linear structure of approx. 9x15mm and demonstrating an SUV of 4.3 on the right side." My radiation oncologist initially recommended 20-25 days of RT, but now with this new "growth" in the lower pelvis she is reconsidering whether to extend the range of treatment down to the pelvis. She said she consulted with peers and is unsure of what the new "growth" is--seminoma or just scar tissue coming up on the PET scan. The surgeon did not believe surgery was necessary at this time. Radiation oncologist thinks we should just treat the lower pelvis with radiation as well, just in case it is seminoma. We know for sure we have an infected abdominal lymph node but this new one is the question. I'm going to seek a second opinion just in case, since I'd hate for this new "growth" to turn out to be seminoma and not have been treated.

    Any one have any ideas of what this could be. I thought maybe RPLND to all infected lymph nodes but she said no. I thought about chemo, but she still recommended start with RT.

    In advance, thanks for all your support.