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    my boyfriend had a left i/o about 3 weeks ago, very successful with no known complications. yesterday was the first time since the surgery that we attempted at being intimate....he had no problem getting or maintaining an erection, however when he ejaculated, it was watery and less sticky than normal......i was wondering if perhaps this was a normal occurence first time after surgery, or if it was something to be more concerned about (possibly retrograde ejaculation)?

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    Hi Kismet,

    Not retrograde ejaculation... It isn't caused by I/O. He'll get better, I think my first one was weird as well... My guess is that it is a combination of surgical trauma and the fact that he probably hasn't ejaculated in awhile.


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      I think everything is ok when he goes in for his next doctor visit he can talk to the doctor about it. If it continues to worry you I would call the URO's office and talk to the doctor or have the nurse talk to the doctor just to make sure there isn't something else going on like an infection.
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