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  • Radiation

    Anyone know what the real risk is for a secondary cancer later in life from radiation therapy for TC?

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    Check through the Testicular Cancer Research Library forum on this site. There are a number of articles on radiation. Keep in mind that many of these studies include guys who were treated with higher doses and larger radiation fields (TC in the old days), so the data are not 100% current. As techniques improve and these types of studies are repeated I would expect the chance of secondary cancers to decline. That being said, ALL radiation leaves a "footprint" and no-one can tell you what amount is safe. You have to sort of do your own risk-benefit analysis. That's the tough part about having Stage I seminoma. If someone were Stage II, they'd obvioulsy opt for radiation as the risk of dying from seminoma would outweigh the risk of developing a secondary cancer later in life. Since you're husband is Stage I, the decision is more difficult.

    I opted for surveillence after my seminoma diagnosis - no radiation for me unless I know it's necessary. Of course I still get a dose from the routine CT scans.

    Best wishes.
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      Thanks Fish. I think we are leaning towards radiation because we have 3 kids and my husband is type A and would not be able to relax wwith surveillance.

      YOu have been through alot. I am glad you are doing well now.


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        SSAVINO -
        One of the keys to making the right decision for a treatment plan is knowing yourself well enough to determine if you can keep the surveillance schedule and have the peace of mind (whichever the decision) to move forward. It was the constant check-ups and waiting that I knew I would not handle well, so I also opted for the radiation. Secondary risks are very low so not worth spending alot of time worrying about. Obviously, there are still follow-ups to keep after treatment ends, but the schedule is not as rigorous. Good luck to your husband on his treatment path and continue to be strong.

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