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    Imet with the oncologist last week, and it after 3xBEP, finished at the end of August, its now looking like I'm in need of RPLND, scheduled for January. I have one lymph node that has shrunk slightly since I started the chemo but is now still ~1.8cm, and it seems the best way to be sure I'm over this thing is to be rid of it.

    Is there anythign i can do to prepare or make the healing easier? I know I could do with losing some weight, but will focussing on sit-ups help to strengthen the muscles in the abdomen? And how long after in peoples experience would i be able to get back to my regular commute (20 min walk, 50 min train)?

    Scared but prepared,


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    HI Tatt ,
    I am a new member here but i just had the RPLND on the 12th of October .
    I was as scared as he*l before the surgery . I would say ask your DR for advice on what you can do to heal faster since we are all different in our healing process .

    For me i just pushed myself to stand up and take short walks as much as possible during each day ( wheni felt i was able to ) . and each day i was getting stronger and it was easier to stand up and walk around the apartment .
    it was after i had the staples taken out ( 2 weeks after the surgery ) when i really started to see progrgess in my recovery . it was less than 4-5 weeks before i was back on my BIKE riding around the area where i live . it has been 6½ weeks now after the surgery and i feel great . Its still a bit sore and weak around the scar but its getting better . it takes a bit of time , but as i said i pushed myself to get up and around for a faster recovery ...
    keep us posted and i hope this helps you in some way ( my experience )
    Cheers T

    P.S + i am a vegetarian and eat loads of clean and easy digestible foods .
    loads of fruit , rice and wine ..LOL
    anyhow i hope you have a fast recovery .
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    My experience .
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    RPLND 2006/10/12
    Life is too short , Take charge today , Be strong & Live strong .


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      You should be able to return to a fairly normal routine about a month after you RPLND. If you’re a gym rat you should wait 6-8 weeks before you really start to work out. You might want to do some lower back exercises. With the abs being cut it will be your back muscles that help stand and stabilize you when you walk. Also go on a low fat diet, it will help the ends of the lymph nodes heal after they are cut.
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        Search through the forums and you should find plenty of advice on RPLND preparation. Perhaps the most important things are a positive mental attitude and complete confidence in the surgeon (if you're using one of the TC experts such as IU or Sloan-Kettering, you'll be in very good hands, and there are several other experienced qualified surgeons out there, just look through prior posts).

        Good luck!
        Vinny (aka Frank)

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