I think this is just a little bit of reassurance for those guys who are in early stages (maybe after orchiedectomy-but scared of chemo)-so here is his story.

End of July 2006-had tumour
First week in August-Ultrasound scan-Tumour found
11th August-orchidectomy
And so we end up in loop of CT scans and what are they doing about it.

Hubby is chronic asthmatic, CT scan showed possible mestases to lungs-seminoma which allegedly bypassed abdomen. They are still not sure that he has the mestases-they coud be chickenpox scars.... , but enough to cause concern, so offer of single dose or 3x BEP. After a LOT of soul searching-he opted for 3XBEP, ventually taking the view that cdhemo wont kill him, but cancer will.

He had lung function tests and lungs are fine -he is normally wheat and dairy free which helped with his asthma. BUT he has completely gone off this diet during chemo as he hates soya at the moment. He could have lung problems later, but he says he will worry about tha later-lets worry about the cancer for now.

Ist dose of chemo-nausea and heartburn-anti sickness drugs still made him nauseous, and he developed the chemo comas that we hear so much about for a few days after. 2nd cycle the same-but could eat for Britain ( Ithought cancer patients were supposed to LOSE weight-no not him-he has put on 8kg)

He is on 3rd cycle-still hasnt lost ALL his hair-its very thin,but looks as if a hairdresser has just got a bit overzealous....... Hasnt lost eybrows or much lashes either.Nor hairs on his legs (but quite a lot from "down there")

Cheerful and happy cos its the last lot,doesnt wish it on anyone, but you MUST laugh at yourself, and dont stop living and enjoying yourself WE had a massive Halloween party during chemo-probably shouldnt, due to risk of infection, but what the hell). Let people laugh at you too.I refuse to pity him or let him be full of self pity, the day I stop making fun of him (tastefully of course) is the day I write him off. Anyway-just think of the cash you are saving on razor blades, shaving foam and hair gel..... .Means your wives, gf's and partners can look even more gorgeous.

Al I can say is (and sorry guys and gals if TMI), while you are peeing, sweating and defacating this stuff out your body, you are clearing your body of the bad cells and the chemo.The worse you feel, the better it is working.Even if thats NOT strictly true-part of it must be.

Good luck to all of you-together we will beat this ****.